Monday, 17 October 2016

Who Lives Here? Poetry

We extended the poem "Who Lives Here"?

Here are some of our verses:

Who lives in a den
Looking like a coconut?
"I do", said the armadillo
"This is my home".
by Theo

Who lives in the Ice Age
Hunting for it's prey?
"I do" said the sabre tooth tiger
"This is my home".
By Isla

Who lives in the jungle,
Climbing the trees?
"I do"said the lemur.
"This is my home".
By Reo

Who lives in the wild
Slithering slimy venomous thing?
"I do" said the scary snake
"This is my home".
By Ben

Who lives in the jungle
Eating a banana?
"I do" said the gorilla
"This is my home".
By Saidas

Who lives in the warm cage
Sniffing very deeply?
"I do" said the ferret
"This is my home".
By Bethany

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