Friday, 15 June 2018

Plastic Plants ~ Are They Alive?

What can you share about the learning we explored here?

Quality Questions and Amazing Answers!

Our Topic and Science work today was all about sharing ideas in response to Mrs Tatman's many questions!
We started with trying to work out which was the odd one out and giving reasons for the thing we chose.
Then we wrote answers to this question...
... and talked about which part of the plant we ate. Can you remember a root that we eat?
Mrs Tatman was impressed with the knowledge that some people have about living things, she also loved that Jack B asked so many questions to extend his understanding!

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Super Sportsmanship!

Mrs Tatman was delighted with the excellent support of all team players in P.E. this morning.

As usual, the photos are completely out of focus because everyone is too speedy!

Mostly Maths!

In Walnut class today, we started with Big Maths ~ Beat That!

Then we moved on to making decisions about which answer would be correct, and how we know. 
We didn't need to show how to work it out, just make a choice based on which answers it couldn't be and why!
This afternoon, we moved on to a mix of time and calculation in our rotation.

What did you do with Mrs Vining or Mrs Hooper Brown? How long did you have to do it?

Time Rotation

What helps a plant grow?

We brain stormed all the plants that we eat as humans.

Then we thought about what keeps plants alive.