Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Have A Look At Home!

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Choose a short animated video to remind yourself of the different habitats, and how living things adapt to these environments.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Re - Promises

We have been learning all about promises and we used role play to act out a scenario where someone makes a promise but then breaks it. We had to think about how we would react and what would happen next.

The seven continents song

Watch this video all about the seven continents of the World!

Dear Greenpeace.

Image result for dear greenpeace
We read the opening to our new story - Dear Greenpeace by Simon James.

We have been using research to find out information about Whales. We were able to present our learning in a non-fiction format and then we self marked our learning with a star and a wish with help from our buddies. 


Homework - Recap and revision

This week we have been practicing addition and subtraction.

Can you solve the following additions and subtractions or think of some of you own to solve. You may be able to use some of the methods below– or you might have a different way of solving them.

Show your working out or explain your reasoning.
How would you explain this to a child in year 1?

47-3  =
66-15  =
79-32  =
57-5  =
25-14  =
78-61  =
28-5  =
69-14  =
78-23  =
48-6  =
68-13  =
79-52  =
24-3  =
65-12  =
76-21  =
25-2  =
66-13  =
77-42  =

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Tennis academy

We had an excellent time and were getting super fit at the tennis academy today!

We learnt lots of new ball skills.

Pets at home

We had a wonderful time at pets at home learning how to look after and care for our pets.

What did you need on a shopping list for a guinea pig/Dog/cat/rabbit?