Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Word Wizards

In Word Wizards today, we acted out some verbs and then noticed that they all ended in 'y'. We discovered that when we changed these verbs into the past tense, we had to 'change the 'y' to am 'I' and add 'ed'. So we made up our own song to help us remember this rule.

Think about today's focus words. Have a go at saying them and writing them in the past tense. Remember the song! Show someone at home or school what you have done.


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Maths Split: Properties of 2D and 3D shape

Wassily Kandinsky

Ash class started looking at Kandinsky today. We are learning about abstract art and the
 power of shape and colour.
It also helped us to revisit our 2D shapes from the morning.

Shape Sorting

Ash class looked at sorting and comparing shapes today.

Conjunctions Challenge

Ash class worked on applying their new found knowledge of conjunctions today.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Science and Maths Muddle

Was it a Maths lesson? Was it a Science lesson?
This afternoon we explored data handling. We sorted our birthdays by season and put them into a bar graph.

Then we used Venn diagrams to explore similarities and differences between seasons.

Super sorting!

Review Writing

This morning we reviewed the short film 'Partly Cloudy' using everything we had learnt about reviews over the past few weeks. No photos of our learning but here is a super piece of work:

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Friday, 27 January 2017

Spooky Sequences

This is a fab game that Walnut Class used today,  to reinforce counting in 10s!


INSPIRE at Golden Time

I can value my own things and those of others.



Carrying on with Conjunctions

We used various ways to continue our work on conjunctions this morning.
What did we do here?
Some groups, then applied their knowledge of these sticky words when writing sentences.
Mrs Tatman is really pleased although she will now be expecting to see them in our writing!