Friday, 30 November 2018

Worlds largest paper chain!!!!!!!!

During golden time this afternoon we got into the festive spirit and attempted to make the worlds largest paper chain!


Toys - Fishing game

Over the past few weeks we have designed and made our own fishing games. We had to think of the audience that would enjoy playing with these toys, the colours and the designs that we would use. 

We used magnets and paper clips to catch our fish.

We had such a great time playing with the games...can you tell?

Division as sharing

This week we have been learning all about division as sharing. We used paper plates and cubes to support our learning and drew out our learning as jottings.
Some children were able to spot the corresponding multiplication facts too.... WOW!


Have a look at this contractions video?

Can you write some contractions at home?

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

What Makes A Good Person?

A range of activities this morning in R.E. that supported our written response to this question.

Dabbling With Division!

Maths today was all about sharing.
While some groups explored practically...
... the adult led groups looked at how to record their ideas using the correct symbol.