Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Space rocket seeds sprouting!

Great excitement as our rocket seeds are sprouting. Both the red and blue packet seeds are growing well so we still not sure which seeds went to space . . . We will start to record measurements at the end of the week. 

David Hockney

This week we have been looking at the work of the famous artist David Hockney.

Today we took a section of his picture 'Gate House Wall' and we added what we thought might be around it.  There were some beautiful results.  When they are dry, we will hang them in the classroom.

This is the original painting:

Superhero Numbers

Today we had a mission- to discover how many superpowers a number had! We all had a different number to explore and we had to find how many ways it could be made using the four operations.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Ash class pasta treat trip to the park.

Finally we got to go to the park to play! The children thoroughly enjoyed their treat as a reward for great team Ash learning!

Centurion readers

Well done to the centurion readers this week! Who were really pleased with the books they chose. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

How many ways can you make 90?

Ash class celebrated the Queen's birthday by thinking of all the different ways they could make 90 as part of their morning challenge. They were amazing at using so much of the maths they know to work out so many sums. Well done - the Queen would be proud of you!

Mojo's Mindset Chapter 3

Why doesn't Katie want to ask for help?

Lego Gardener

A bit of fun to link with the work that we have done this week!

Growing Good People! RE

We started the morning in Walnut class by reflecting in groups... what will the rocket seeds, that we planted yesterday, need to grow successfully?

We then looked at a card Mrs Tatman had been given and talked about what the message meant.

What are the things that help us to grow into the best person we could possibly be? If we were a seed, what would we need?

Some ideas here are great..... some are not really what we wanted to be thinking about today! 
Can you spot the Think Pink?


We have used our fantastic ideas to create a Garden of Goodness! 
Can you remember what you wrote on your petal?


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Rocket seeds planting

We were all so much excited to be part of the space seeds planting. Everyone really enjoyed working out how to make a fair test, guessing if our red packet of seeds for Ash class had gone to space or not and then enjoying the planting of the tiny seeds. 

Planting the Rocket Seeds!

It was so exciting today, we planted some seeds which have been to space with Tim Peake!
We are part of a huge experiment to test whether seeds which have been to space will grow the same as seeds that have stayed on Earth- you may have seen it on the news. (You can read and watch about it here.)

We had some strict instructions to follow:

Everyone in Year 2 had the chance to plant at least one seed. We can't wait to see what happens!  When we were making our predictions, most of Walnut thought that there definitely would be a difference between the seeds which had been to space and the seeds which hadn't.  We have to watch them closely and fill in a special chart for the next 35 days.  

You can watch some rocket seeds being planted on Blue Peter if you click here.