Friday, 29 September 2017

Golden Time is Great! (Despite being a tad noisy!)


Big Maths ~ Beat That!

How are you getting on with beating your score?

Have you had any INSPIRE points yet?

More Hunting For Nouns And Adjectives

Mrs Vining was off again this morning, looking for adjectives to match to nouns and also nouns to match to adjectives!

We then used these to write expanded noun phrases. Luckily, we had reminded Mrs Vining about what one of these sentences looks like, by enjoying a game of Rate My Writing first.


Well done to Chloe, who chose her two 3 star sentences to write in her best handwriting! 


On Wednesday some of us had a go at editing our own writing using our Purple Pens of Power.

Number bonds to ten rap

This rap is always on our Songs page and we use it in class a LOT!  A little reminder if you would like to practise your number bonds to ten at home:

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Adjectives On The Move!

One group explored the school this morning, looking for something in particular.

Using their list of adjectives, they had to find nouns (names of things) to match. 
More hunting tomorrow!

All About Adjectives

We used this link this morning to remind ourselves how important adjectives are in making our writing more interesting.

Why not have a go at home and share your fabulous ideas!

*this is not tablet friendly ~ sorry!

Number Bond Games

We did lots of lovely activities to try and help our number bonds today. Some of did some arts and crafts, while others played pairs, finding the number bonds to 10.

We also played 'Hit the button' on the iPads to practice our number bonds to a twenty!

Miss W's Bootcamp!

We were getting our heart rates going in P.E this morning. We did lots of different activities to help our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination and help strengthen those muscles!

We also recorded some of our achievements, such as how far we can jump.

Maths Rotation In Walnut

Lots of revision activities this afternoon to reinforce our learning with Mrs Turner.

We also played a game with Charlie Crocodile dice. Great understanding here!