Friday, 19 October 2018

Bandaging the wounded soldiers

Today we learnt how to put on a bandage on to different parts of our body.

Can you see the injuries that the soldiers and nurses had?

Nurses help the soldiers to write letters home

We thought about what the war would be like and the nurses helped the soldiers write letters home all about their experiences. 

Florence and Mary dress up day.

We are having a great dress up day so far. Look at our fabulous costumes!

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Explanation texts

Today we worked in groups to recognise features of Explanation texts.  

We then collected our ideas to create a whole class success criterion.

Printing blocks with ink

This week we created our own printing blocks of images of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. 

We then used printing ink to create our own stamps. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

George's Marvelous Medicine

 In our reading sessions, we have been exploring George's Marvelous Medicine in detail.

We have been focusing on commands, adjectives, expanded noun phrases and high frequency words. 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Number bonds to 100

Today we used dienes to help us recognise how many tens were in 100.
We used the dienes to help us solve number bonds to 100 when starting on a multiple of 10.

Some children recognised how to solve number bonds to 10 without concrete equipment.
They then used their knowledge of number bonds to 100 to solve number bonds to 1000!