Monday, 30 November 2015

Science Day: Making Christmas Ornaments with Mrs Turner

We had fun changing corn flour and bicarbonate of soda into Christmas decorations! Our ingredients changed state lots of times! Can you remember when they were solid and when they were liquid?

Science Day: Changing Materials with Mrs Hatcher

Did our materials bend? Twist? Stretch? How else could we change them?

Science Day: Exploring Clay

We had fun this afternoon exploring the different properties of clay.

Friday, 27 November 2015

White Clay Recipe

If you would like to try to make the white clay ornaments we made as part of Science day at home, click here for the recipe.

More Money Money Money!

It's been a busy couple of days in Walnut, exploring money in a variety of ways!

We had Cake Sale addition, with a range of prices for some yummy items.

It got quite tricky when Mrs Tatman was asking us to find how much the total would be for lots of things altogether. For example, 2 marshmallows, 2 biscuits and a bun!

We also worked with our friends to price and buy books, finding the correct coins to make the amount.




We will come back to working with money soon, but if you go shopping, see if you can help by using your addition skills!

Video of Year Two's Great Fire of London ~ Part 2

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ash helps Blop sort the money!

Blop our visiting alien in Ash Class this week was a little puzzled about how to spend money here on Earth. Luckily Ash Class knew quite a lot about the amount each coin was worth and helped him work out how many different coins he could use to make up 1 pound.
We also learnt how to use a carroll diagram to sort the coins into different groups which was quite tricky but we managed it in the end.

Let's hope that Blop manages to get to the shops tomorrow without a problem. He was going to spend 100 pounds on sweets but we told him that was way too much. Then he said he would just take 1 penny but we told him he wouldn't get anything for that  . . . fingers crossed he has a successful shopping trip after all his helpful tips from us!

Photos of The Great Fire (in SPS playground!)

There were perfect conditions for the fire with bright sunshine and a light breeze.  We all inspected the houses and everyone was happy to find their house before the fire was lit.


 We had the fire extinguisher and spade to hand - just in case  . . .

Mr Toogood lit the fire in Pudding Lane and slowly the the fire spread with a plume of smoke rising from the bakery.

 With oohs and aaahs as the flames leapt higher and higher. We watched as the flames burnt the houses which then crumpled down to the ground in a pile of ashes.  Even the Year 6s could see the flames from the classroom window.
What an amazing event!