Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Is It Alive?


Ten Minute Tray Challenge!

Share what you did with your group.




Talk about the sorting activity back in the classroom.



Ten Minute Tray Fill Challenge ~ The Build Up!

In Walnut class this morning Mrs Tatman launched our new Science topic, by asking How Do We Know Something Is Alive?


There were lots of stories about pets, some who had sadly died. This led to lots of discussion about whether everything has been alive, or if there are things that have never been alive at all.

Who is Mrs Gren?

Then it was time for the Ten Minute Tray Fill Challenge!

Directional and positional language.

Problem solvers!

We have been making maps and writing instructions to be able to  get from a start to finish point. 

We had to use our knowledge of directional language. 


Our local area - Where in the world is Shaftesbury?

We have started to talk about our local area and have been writing down everything we already know about Shaftesbury. 

Maths - To use directional language

We have been learning directional language.

We gave our partners instructions to get from one space to another. We used created our own mazes, blindfolded our buddy and told them how to follow the path.

We used the vocabulary - left, right, 90 degrees turn, forward, backwards. 
This was great fun!

Monday, 25 February 2019

Maths games to play at home

Don't forget about these fantastic games you can play at home to help your learning at school!

How do we know?

We have been using positional and directional language to build our reasoning skills.

We have asked and answered questions by explaining how we know something.

"I know this because..."

Can you remember how you answered this question, explaining your reasoning?