Friday, 30 September 2016

Super Schools 2016

What a Friday! 

We had our photos taken with hurdler Rhys Williams, exercised until we were SO puffed out......


.......... and listened to Rhys and triple jumper Julian Golley!
One lucky girl from Walnut Class, even got to try the triple jump and the hurdle!
Very inspiring!

The Inverse Monster!

We were a bit frightened in Walnut Class this morning because the Inverse Monster was chewing up addition number sentences, then spitting them out as subtraction ones!
Luckily, no children were injured!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

The World's Largest Lesson 2016 ~ RRS

This afternoon, we explored some of the Global Goals.
Image result for global goals
We discussed the unfair distribution of wealth, and poverty around the world.



We used a city in India, to highlight the areas where people have a huge amount of money, and the slums, where others clearly do not.
Then it was time for us to work in teams, recording ideas on how we could solve this huge issue.


So many thoughtful suggestions...... we think Year 2 have some important messages to share!


Find Your Phoneme!

Phonemes are the units of sounds within words. A word with 3 phonemes is hat. Another word with 3 phonemes is ship, because 'sh' is one sound.
We played a game today where three people wore a phoneme hat!


Can you remember what you have to do?

What is a grapheme?

Jump in a Hoop!

Listening and responding to instructions were a key feature of Walnut Class PE today.

The game got tricky when Mrs T started to take hoops away!
It was all about working well together.

Eventually, there was just one hoop left!

Morning of Inverse Fun

Some inverse triangles with the circles.

Maths Morning!

The first session in Walnut today, was all about exploring the Maths we have covered so far.....
Some subraction using a blank numberline.
Some problem solving, listening to clues.

Some taking away, using towers of 10.

We also used an app on the iPads to reinforce addition and subtraction.

Our Movie Madness

In Year Two we have been learning to be movie makers.

First we looked at Boundin a short Pixar film to get some ideas. We talked about it having a beginning, a middle and a end. The middle part often being about a problem and how it is solved!

Then we made our own.

First we planned it.

Then we made our movies.

We even had a go at set designing...