Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wow . . . great Zero to Hero reading!

By the end of the year Ash Class had earned so many medals as part of our Zero to Hero reading challenge. Here we are with all the medals that have been put up along every passageway in the school ready to go home with the brilliant readers.
Thank you so much at home with all the support you have given your children with their reading. Zero thinks everyone is a reading hero!

Rapid Fire cricket - our favourite team game!

Ash class has been learning how to improve their ball skills this term, as well as learning how to play team games.  Our favourite game has been Rapid Fire cricket.  We had our final match on Thursday and we had the best time with one team scoring 35 runs! Try playing this with your family at home as it is a great game.

Play in a Day

Ash Class had a great day of drama and sport when Mrs Peterson finished reading the Summer of the Sea Serpent on Thursday.  At the start of the day we made our own groups to write, act, find costumes, music  and props to perform an exciting play in front of the class by the end of the day. It wasn't easy to make sure that the everyone was included in the group and that the play had a clear beginning, middle and end. However by the end of the day 4 groups performed brilliantly using ideas from the books we have read during the year. Many of the groups decided to use puppets as well as to  sing and play instruments to match the action in their drama. Mrs Peterson was so impressed by how well Ash class can work together now.

Building bridges in Ash

Following on from Walnut meeting the bridge building challenge with only tape and newspaper Ash class gave this a go too. The children worked so well in their teams and from their starting point of "This is going to be impossible" every team managed to build a bridge supporting 500 g and many of them supported 1kg - well done!

A thoughtful morning in Walnut!

We started the day by deciding on the qualities of our friends. Then we focussed on the importance of our behaviour and how it made us a good friend!


We sorted phrases into those that displayed positive and negative behaviour.




Each pair joined with another, and we began to think of ideas for a short play to show our 
understanding of how to sort out a problem with our friends. 

We wrote scripts, made up character names and had fun trying out different scenes.



A super morning with lots of budding actors showing us all how to we can learn through drama!


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Well done Walnut!

Walnut Class we are so proud of you. Each and every one of you has come on in leaps and bounds this year, you have all worked incredibly hard. We loved celebrating your successes in our special awards ceremony this afternoon and loved seeing your smiling faces when you received your certificates. Well done everybody!