Monday, 30 April 2018

Improving our writing

Today we used our purple pointers from our letters to Bob to write an even better letter to Tim Peake.
Some super writing was added to our Wagoll wall!

Mrs Turner's Cupboard

Mrs Turner had been raiding her food cupboards at home to find items for us to explore. We were revising our knowledge of weight and capacity. We also practised reading a scale using our brand new scales!

Some methods from our learning wall... case it helps with the homework.

Making Nebula

Exploring paint effects to create nebula- clouds of space dust. It was very painty, we did keep our aprons on but the paint still got everywhere! 

Friday, 27 April 2018

Sneaky Spiders!

Can you remember what the spiders were doing on the hundred square today?
What was Jack's speedy way to add multiples of 10?

Fantastic Facts About Tim Peake

After a very entertaining game of true or false....
...we had another look at the mind maps that we created yesterday this morning. 
Then, we used this information to write a fact file about Tim Peake.
This work will support our writing with Mrs Turner next week.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Mostly Money Maths

While Mrs Tatman focussed on more calculation this afternoon, Mrs Vining's groups had a money focus to explore.

Fun and Games

After our Cosmic Yoga warm up this morning...

...we enjoyed some whole class games.
Mrs Tatman was impressed with the sportsmanship shown by everyone... no one was grumpy when they were out ~ hooray!

Life On The International Space Station ~ A Few Clips!

Tube Toilet and Floating Food!

We watched a few video clips this morning to give us an insight into life on the International Space Station.

It gave us a lot to talk about, and a chance to learn about the type of food the astronauts eat, and how they sleep.
We recorded some of our observations on a mind map, and discussed ways in which life on the ISS differs from our daily routines!

Can you remember the amazing running achievement Tim Peake managed to complete... in Space?