Thursday, 26 May 2016

Incredible(s) Maths!

Jack Jack gave us some problems to solve this afternoon. We had to decide which operation to use.


Then, each group had a set of word problems to work through.
Lots of us remembered to use Think, Draw, Solve! Hooray!


What do why known about Judaism?

We consolidated our learning about Judaism today, by comparing it with Christianity.

We had statements to sort, focussing on the symbols and celebrations of both faiths.


Starting Thursday with Multiplication

Our Early Work this morning, focused on using our timetables to answer questions.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Arty Arrays

Today Walnut explored all the different forms of multiplication.

Then we made multiplication pictures to explore arrays. There were some really interesting creations!

Some of us explained our times table pictures to the rest of the class. We put them on the visualiser so that everyone could see them on the whiteboard. 

How much is it worth?

For our Tuesday maths split, some of us investigated the value of different superhero words. We tried to find the most expensive words! Some of us shared our strategies with the class to help our friends.

Monday, 23 May 2016


Following up on our Incredibles work in the morning we then decided to invent our own superheroes who will be able to sent on a mission on Wednesday for us all. We were inspired by Alfie Turner's great ideas too. We can't wait to see how we will use all our superpowers on Wednesday morning.

Lego maths

We had a great time using our shape knowledge and measuring skills to comple our Lego mission maths. Lots of challenges were set and met. Hexagonal prisms, cuboids and doubling 3digit  numbers when measuring in mm.  We also used our Lego bricks to review how multiplication is commutative. Well done everyone!  

Marathon Club runs again!

Thanks everyone for making this so brilliant! Remember: no pain, no gain!

Fred's Ice Creams

Walnut Class had a problem to solve today:
At first we thought this seemed easy. But then some of us got into a pickle- there were so many numbers to explore! 

Maya and Shane were the first to realise that using a system would help us to find all of the possibilities. They shared their ideas on the visualiser and it really helped everybody else. 

Friday, 20 May 2016

No swimming next week

Unfortunately there will be no swimming for Year 2 next week. (Tues 24th).  Sorry!

The Incredibles

Next week we will be thinking about superhero secret identities and superpowers.  We will be using some of these clips in literacy.


Mrs Incredible/Elastigirl

Jack Jack

 Mr Incredible- Bob


Mojo's Mindset ~ Climbing Out of the Pit!

How Much?

We explored multiplication and addition this morning by planning a party for the Queen!

We had lots of items to choose from, with different prices for each.

It was important to remember the budget, and not spend too much!

Some marvellous maths, the Queen would be proud!