Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Poets and we know it!

A sample of some of the poems from Walnut today.

River Rhyming

We will be using this game tomorrow morning to reinforce your rhyming knowledge... there are 3 levels, so challenge yourself!

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Rhyming Game

Rhyming Game

Have a go at practising your rhyming skills.

The Sharing Begins!

We started looking at Division today. We explored what division was by sharing multi-link on our split plates.

Exploring Odd and Even

We had a look at how we know a number is Odd or Even. We used the scales to find out which numbers from 1-20 were Even and which were Odd.

We then colored the odd and even numbers in on a 100 square. We made the Odd numbers red and the Even numbers blue. We then spotted the pattern that was occurring.

Super strong bridges

We got very scientific this afternoon thinking about how to build the strongest bridge we could.
The winners had a really stable bottom which helped them not to fall over when Lily bowled a ball at them!


Mrs Turner showed the class the worst photo of her she had ever seen today from her weekend. Mrs Turner was looking a bit in the learning pit, can you remember why? And why she was proud of herself and Mrs Tatman in the end?

We had a lovely discussion about times we have felt like giving up but were so pleased in the end.

One for me, one for you...

We practically explored division this morning. We found that knowing if a number is even or odd will really help to divide by 2.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Poetry Morning

We explored poems from Please Mrs Butler on Monday morning, focusing on rhyme and planning possibilities.

Exploring Rhyme

Matching Rhyming words.

Playing our rhyming game.