Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wales for Walnut!

The game between Wales and Fiji this evening is a very important one... not only for Wales but for England too! 

See if you can find out the result to tell Mrs Tatman tomorrow.

Mission accomplished!

After we completed each mission we read each clue carefully.

When we completed each of our 5 missions we discovered some weird and wonderful new species!

Mission: Maths

Can you count in tens? Find odd and even numbers? Find a number with three tens and four units?

Mission: Explorer!

Where will you go on your mission? What will you need to take?  We had to decide if we would wear thick snowsuits, gloves, scarves and hats for Antarctica or lighter clothes to go to Australia and Africa. We looked at the atlas' and realised it was very hard work pulling a sledge!

Mission: Rations

Hot chocolate and Kendal mint cake! We thought hard about how important it was to eat high energy food when you are an explorer. One explorer compared the sharing out of rations to Jesus and the feeding of the 5 thousand with the bread and wine - so we really did appreciate the importance of sharing what you have with everyone around you.

Mission: Obstacle

Our mission was to work as a team to build an obstacle course and then complete it! We climbed ladders to scale mountains, stepped across wobbly bridges,  ran amongst volcanoes and escaped from crocodiles in rivers!

Mission: Science

Our mission was to build a suitable minibeast habitat.  Mrs Peterson's Perilous Planters ran around finding grass, earth and leaves for their minibeast habitat and even named their own slug who seemed particularly happy in his new home!