Friday, 29 June 2018

What's Missing?

To conclude our R.E. topic of Judaism today, we had time to chat about what we know...
...and how Judaism and Christainity are similar.
Then we had statements, with information missing. Good job we could remember so many facts!

Making Matzah!

Amazing Alliteration!

In Phonics this morning, Mrs Tatman's group explored alliteration using this poem.

We also played a stand up, sit down game based on the line we liked best.


Then, we had a go at writing our own ideas.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Maths in the Sunshine!

While Mrs Tatman's groups  focussed on number and calculations work...
...Mrs Vining's groups enjoyed using the times tables and 100 square to reinforce their number knowledge playing Find My Number!



Maths Rotation - Number Knowledge

In todays rotation we went outside to work with the 100 and multiplication squares, learnt tricks to add three numbers, and practised our time on the iPads.