Friday, 20 October 2017

Fab Phonemes

A quick reminder from Mr Thorne about those vowel digraphs that can be written in different ways!

Pick Up Pairs

We played a game in Phonics this morning, matching words that have a double consonant.
There were some rhyming words too... what rhymes with sunny?

I Reflect On My Learning

We had some time to look at our marked recount writing this morning.

Muddled Measures

We continued to think about different measures in Maths this morning, mostly money.
It would be fabulous if you could practise using money over the half term holidays.... especially using different coins!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Mixed Maths

We jumped around (not literally) a bit in Maths this afternoon. We chose a challenge using a numberline to add multiples of ten.
Then, we used our calculation skills to create a game using a range of Maths equipment.
How do you play your game?

Tell Mrs Tatman What Happened

Mrs Tatman was so upset to miss the owls yesterday, so she asked Walnut class to fill her in on the events of the morning.
There was so much to write about!
 The plans from yesterday really helped.

Reading Different Scales

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Recount Planning

After our exciting morning we got all our ideas down and did some picture planning. This will help us to write our recount about the Mere Falconry visit tomorrow.

Mere falconry

Alan from Mere Falconry came to visit year two  today. We met some feathery friends.

Say hello to...

Spike, the 'Little Owl' who is eleven.

Then there was, Gismo, the 'White faced Owl' from Africa.

Next was Leia, the 'Barn Owl' who was allowed to fly around. She was a little bit naughty when it came to going back in her box!

She was also an amazing at swooping!

After that, we met Obi, a 'Egyptian Eagle Owl' who was by far the biggest.

Finally, we met Bugsy, who was only 4 moths old. She was a Tawney Owl.