Wednesday, 30 January 2019

There's a hole in my (Great fire of London leather) bucket!

We finished our investigation with an experiment to find out which material would best fix a hole in a bucket.

Finally, we wrote a conclusion about our findings.

Can you remember which materials worked best?

Some of use were able to record our results using our own methods. 

Understanding Islam ~ Walnut

How lucky Mrs Tatman felt this morning, being able to enjoy teaching R.E. to both Year 2 classes!
The first part of the session was a reflection on our knowledge of Islam. 
Some fabulous teamwork, and excellent recall!

Groups then had the chance to explore the prayer rituals, using prayer mats that were brought back from Saudi Arabia.

Everyone realised that doing this 5 times a day would show true dedication.

We will continue with our learning next week.

Understanding Islam ~ Ash

Mrs Tatman had a lovely morning with Ash Class, exploring what they already know about the Islam Faith and Muslim prayer.

There was some fantastic teamwork, and impressive knowledge!

While Mrs Strookman explored Wudu with half of the class, Mrs Tatman showed the prayer mats that we are lucky enough to have in school. Everyone had a turn at following the ritual of prayer.


I am sure that Mrs Wood will be amazed when we carry on this work next week!

Monday, 28 January 2019

NEWS FLASH!!!!! Fierce flames cause devastating London inferno!

We have been learning about newspapers!
Can you find all the features of a newspaper in our class version from 1666?
  • Headline
  • Caption
  • Photograph
  • Facts
  • Third person
  • Quotes
  • Suffix words
  • Past tense

Watch this space our own versions will follow later in the week! 

Tricky Spellings!

We have been practicing our tricky word spellings and putting them into sentences.

Practice your tricky spellings here - Spooky Spelling Game!

Hot seating!

Guess who visited Ash class? It was King Charles the 2nd!We have been reading all about how he helped in The Great Fire of London during our whole class reading sessions. We had the opportunity to ask him questions about his time in the fire.