Friday, 26 May 2017

It's All About You!

We started the morning with a task to write or draw as many things that are important to us, in fifteen minutes.
Some great discussion about everyone's choices!

Then we played INSPIRE Bingo.

We had to decide which INSPIRE qualities were displayed in a story about Billy. He wasn't very confident with Maths.
There was a strong message here about respecting the opinions of others.

What's The Link?

Ash Class Tennis

Moving Maths

During maths, we went outside to enjoy the sun in our outside gazebo.

We then practiced using our directional language by having to guide a friend to a cone out on the play ground.
Miss W banded us from saying right, left, quarter, half, and whole. We had to use clockwise, anti-clockwise, 90 degree, 180 degree, and 360 degrees.

Learning about British Values

We looked at what values were today.
We discussed what made us who we are and one of the things we came up with was what we value.

We worked in groups to decided which values where good and bad and then put them in order of importance.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Mission To Measure!

Mrs Tatman followed Number 6's mission, with one of her own this afternoon.
In groups, we had to find things to measure using an appropriate ruler. We took photographic evidence of our measuring skills too!
Did you find something shorter than 30cm? Could you see anything longer than 20mm?
What did you find that was a metre?
Then we looked at a few examples of successful measuring... what had this group measured? Did they use metres or centimetres?

Which Values Do You Value?

In groups, we sorted four values from a selection, (some were there to trick us!) that we felt were the most important to us.

We played a Stand Up If..... game to share the choices each group had made..... it was interesting that not all were the same, which showed that we can have different opinions. Can you remember what your group chose?


We started this morning with a game, responding to questions about ourselves.
We then had opportunity to discuss whether any of these are choices that we can decide for ourselves.
We played Thumbs Up/ Thumbs down to show whether we thought words on the board were values.