Thursday, 26 February 2015

What do you know about Halving?

In Walnut today, we had another letter from MrsTatman's teacher friend Mrs Goodwin.

Because we have been exploring halving and doubling this week, everyone was ready to show what they knew!


Mrs Tatman took lots of photos to send to MrsGoodwin's class and some people made posters to teach her class how to divide a number by two.




 Mrs Goodwin will be impressed!



Careful Climbing and Brilliant Balancing!

We have really enjoyed exploring the Large Apparatus over the past few weeks.


Some of the class who were a bit nervous, have gained confidence which has been super to see!


 We have also shown how to be supportive friends and encouraged each other to improve our movements.




We have thought about control and balance ~ it has been great fun!





Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Look out for Sam Sparrow and all his friends . . .

We were introduced to Sam Sparrow yesterday who we are going to be following on his travels around the world in the next few weeks.
Do see how many sparrows you can spot around your garden, in the park and at school.

A Sulky Vulture helps us with our sticky words!

We had lots of fun acting all the different parts of the Sulky Vulture story we were reading.
Why was the the vulture so sulky? Can you guess which animals were in the story from our actions?
We then used our sticky words, also called conjunctions, to help us write compound sentences.
Can you share some of the sticky words with your family?

Out of an Egg?

Walnut Class were lucky enough to borrow Mrs Peterson's ostrich egg today and we had great fun thinking about what could have been inside!

Then we had a look at the eggs from our school chickens.  They look a bit different to eggs from Tesco!

Then we looked at what kinds of creatures come from eggs - there were a few surprises!

Georgia's mum had very kindly given us some different coloured egg boxes - thank you!  We used them today to create a box of mystery eggs containing all kinds of hatching creatures!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What could hatch out of this egg?

Launching our new topic of Out of an Egg we enjoyed looking at this egg that had arrived in Ash Class and imagining what could have hatched out of it. They had wonderful visions of crocodiles, baby dragons, ostriches and dinosaurs crawling out of the egg.

Can anyone remember what did actually hatch out of this egg?

A clue is in this picture below!

Would you like to live in an urban or rural environment?

Following up on their geography work through the last half of the term Ash Class completed their own choice of rural or urban environment making each feature out of clay and coming up with some great names for their imaginary places. They then enjoyed admiring all their work on display outside of the classroom.

Halving with Sausage the Dog!

Which animals lay eggs?

Can you remember what kinds of animals hatch from an egg?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

This half term's learning

(This information will also be available under the 'This Half Term's Learning' tab).

Our topic for Spring 2 will be Out of an Egg

We will be:
  •            Reading  'The Sulky Vulture'.
  •            Learning how to write a compound sentence using 'sticky words'.
  •            Completing reading and writing missions as part of 'Spy Week'.
  •            Writing information leaflets.
  •            Writing and sharing poetry as part of Book Week.
  •           Focusing on correct and varied punctuation in a sentence.
  •            Changing our library books every Thursday.
  •            Continuing weekly guided reading sessions.
  •          Continuing daily phonics practice.
  •           Working on our reading and writing targets.

We will be:
  • Looking at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and using and applying the different strategies appropriate for the bigger numbers
  • Practising our times tables: 2x, 5x and 10x facts to be recalled automatically
  • Using number lines to support our addition and subtraction.
  • Practising telling the time.
  • Reinforcing our earlier work on halves and quarters.
  • Completing Maths Missions as part of 'Spy Week'.
  • Problem solving so that the children can use and apply all the concepts they have been learning
  • Working on our Maths targets.

We will be:
  • Finding out about different types of weather
  • Conducting our own investigations and making predictions.

Art & DT
We will be:
  • Developing our collage skills.
  • Cooking - what can you do with an egg?!

We will be:
·         Using percussion
·         Thinking about rhythm

Not this half term.
We will be:
  • Following Sam Sparrow on his journey around the world.
  • Using atlases to develop our mapping skills.

We will be:
  • Continuing to use the large apparatus.
  • Developing our teamwork skills in outdoor games.
We will be:
  • Thinking about signs of new life in the Springtime.
  • Thinking about eggs as a symbol of Easter.
  • Retelling the Easter story.
We will be:
  • Developing our programming skills using Scratch.
We will be:
·       Thinking about our Rights and Responsibilities
·       Looking closely at our new playground charter. 

Let's Play Boggle!

boggle board

Friday, 13 February 2015

Shape Songs

We have been talking, reading and writing about 2D and 3D shapes this week.

Enjoy these songs at home!

How many shapes can you see when you are out and about this week?

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Comedy Characters Day Two

We used our Comedy Character designs to write a detailed description today.


It helped if we had written great adjectives yesterday to Get Green!


There were some very interesting names! 

Can you remember what your character is called?