Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter Maths Challenge

Walnut Class were split into groups and had 40 minutes to complete as many Easter related Maths questions as they could! 

The focus was on teamwork and sharing skills with other people in the team.

Mrs T could see some children using Think, Draw, Solve, which will make Mrs Turner very happy!


How many questions did your team get right? Could you have done better? How?


Marvellous Music!

Mrs Hall has been working super hard with Year 2 on Tuesdays, exploring many aspects of music.


We thought that it would be lovely to celebrate, by enjoying a performance from each group today.
*sorry.....the videos will only show on a laptop :-(

Instruments were played, words were recalled confidently......and tunefully!

Mrs Tatman and Mrs Peterson were very impressed.

What a super way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Science day learning fun! Straw rocket blast off

In the morning we investigated how the force of air can make things move. We began by looking at what forces can make a pencil move by flicking, rolling, and blowing. Making our straw rockets we had to think carefully about how to roll and tape the paper so that our rocket could fly as far as possible when we blew it. The stronger the force the further it went. We had fun with an Ash class blast off! 

The Easter Bunny visits Walnut Class!

Egg Drop!

We investigated the best material to protect our Eggonauts. How did we keep our test fair?

Making Straw Rockets

Such fun!
Remember: the harder we blow, the further it travels. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Reading for information.

We had a great afternoon reading lots of different books, magazines and short information texts to find out even more about the birds of prey we saw at the Hawk Conservancy. We also have begun to find out about chickens in preparation for our visit to our school chickens next term. We set ourselves a challenge to write questions for friends about what we had read. We found this quite tricky trying to use our question words and using the information we had read to make good questions. 

Dancing maths!

Ash class had lots of fun continuing to dance after our dancing in the hall by dancing to times tables in the classroom. 

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns! RE

We had a great time cooking hot cross buns with Mrs Horne yesterday afternoon. We thought about why we eat hot cross buns on Good Friday. We enjoyed smelling the spices in the mixture we made and icing the cross on the top of our bun.  We were very excited to take them home to bake and share with our families.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Reading with Understanding

Today we thought about really understanding what we read.
At first we thought about what we could infer from just a picture:

Then we used our skills to really think about a piece of writing.  Some of us had read it before and got into a pickle. Really thinking about who, what, where, when and how helped our understanding.